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The Real Estate Espresso Podcast - Special Guest: Alan Schnur

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Alan Schnur went through a life changing event that most of us can't imagine. He was working on the 101'st floor of the World Trade Center on September 10, 2001. This is a powerful story of transformation and of intentional growth. Many lessons in today's conversation.

You can reach out to Alan at alanschnur.com.

123: Real Estate Entrepreneur - Alan Schnur is an Expert in Investing in Real Estate and a Financial Author

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Alan just happened to not be in the Twin Towers when they came down on 9/11/01. This national disaster destroyed the company he worked for and it had a tremendous impact on the direction of Alan's career. Once he was back on his feet, the numbers associated with his second career were unbelievable. Alan bought one house a month for a decade and then he bought one apartment complex every 90 days for five years straight. But he no longer owns any of them. How did he accumulate so much and what is he doing today? Find out on the Learn From Others podcast and click the links below to learn more about Alan.

Website: gr8partners.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alanschnur

Facebook: facebook.com/alan.schnur.1

Listen to more career journey at LearnFromOthers.org

About Learn From Others
Learn from Others is an educational podcast for students that highlights diverse career paths across the 16 career clusters identified by the United States Department of Education. Greg Stanley is the host and he interviews successful individuals about their careers, personal development, overcoming obstacles and even failures. This career podcast is one students can explore different career paths and learn from others so they can succeed.

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884: Why NOW Is the Time to Buy Commercial Real Estate with Alan Schnur

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For the last 20 years, Alan Schnur has been investing in real estate. What started with a single rental eventually grew to over 400 homes and 2,000+ apartment units. Then, one day, Alan decided to sell everything off and go all in on commercial real estate. On today’s podcast, Alan explains why now is the time to buy commercial real estate and outlines steps listeners can take to get started in the commercial sphere. Alan also shares the strategy he used to buy one house per month, the key to overcoming fear as a new investor, and the mindset needed to succeed in real estate.

JF1978: How to get a National Tenant in a Retail Shopping Center with Alan Schnur

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Alan Schnur is a contrarian when it comes to buying and selling commercial properties. Alan has built his business around buying shopping centers with national tenants that are recession proof. Alan also explains how triple-net leases work for retail businesses. Alan Schnur Real Estate Background: Alan has bought and syndicated more than 2,000 units and managed more than 7,000 units Owns numerous medical, office, warehouse buildings, shopping centers, and custom builds multi-million dollar homes Based in Houston, TX Say hi to him at Best Ever Tweet: “The triple-net lease business - I’m in ten different states right now. It runs on its own, I don’t have to fix anything, and as a syndicator, the income stream is so much more dependable.” - Alan Schnur The Best Ever Conference is approaching quickly and you could earn your ticket for free. Simply visit and sign up to be an affiliate to start earning 15% of every ticket you sell. Our fourth annual conference will be taking place February 20-22 in Keystone, CO. We’ll be covering the higher level topics that our audience has requested to hear.


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Monday Night Live featuring Alan Schnur Hosted by Ken Eslick

WS03: Process and Systems for Rapidly Scaling Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving True Financial Freedom

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MB 116: Reawakening, Reinvention & Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate - With Alan Schnur

Alan Schnur was away on a business trip when a plane struck his office building, killing 40 of his 44 team members. In the aftermath of 9/11, Alan spent a lot of time questioning what he wanted out of life and the experience informed his drive for continuous growth. Because you never know when another plane is coming, Alan doesn’t believe in complacency. In fact, he makes it a point to reinvent himself every few years and take on new challenges in residential and commercial real estate.

Alan is a wildly successful real estate investor based in Houston, Texas. He began his real estate career rehabbing single family homes, owning a portfolio of 120 before making the transition to apartment buildings. Alan’s go-big-or-go-home mindset translated to multifamily, and he invested in 2K units across 18 complexes—AND founded a property management company that handled 7K units across 40 properties. Now he is taking on a new challenge in commercial real estate, investing in shopping centers along with medical, office and warehouse buildings. Alan is the author of three books on real estate investing, including The Cashflow Mindset: Millionaire, Billionaire & Zillionaire Designs for Financial Freedom & a Fulfilled Life.

Today, Alan joins me to share the story of his reawakening in the aftermath of 9/11 and explain how his skill set as a commodities broker translated to real estate investing. He speaks to the single family formula that dominated the first ten years of his career and his subsequent shift to apartment buildings during a trip to Japan that may or may not have involved saké. Alan describes his apartment addiction, discussing his best and worst multifamily deals as well as his reasons for pursuing syndication. Listen in for Alan’s insight on being flexible with geography and asset classes, taking on new challenges in commercial real estate, and stepping out of your comfort zone to take ACTION!


Alan’s AHA moment

  • Job as commodities broker on 101st floor of World Trade Center
  • On business trip during 9/11, lost 40 of 44 team members
  • Week in hotel room led to reflection, reawakening
  • Move to Houston with company, rented condo in NYC

Alan’s experience with single family homes

  • First purchase for $23K, profit of $100/month
  • Bought one/month for 10 years (120 houses)
  • Formula: Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat

Why Alan made the transition to multifamily

  • Accumulated enough assets to quit job
  • Bought 25 houses during trip to Japan
  • Realized potential of apartment buildings

Alan’s first multifamily acquisition

  • $40K down on 76-door building (owner financing)
  • Generated more income than 100 houses

Alan’s ‘addiction’ to apartments

  • Buy one every 90 days
  • 18 complexes with 2K units

When Alan got involved with syndication

  • Running out of money, wanted to share risk
  • Started raising money on second or third complex
  • Began with general partner at 30%, 70% for sale
  • Work up to 40-50% for general partner

Alan’s best multifamily deal: The Bangkok Close

  • 1031 buyer wanted 300-unit deal
  • Invested $7M, sold for $14M

Alan’s worst multifamily deal

  • Paid $5K/unit for 160-door complex
  • School across street closed and knocked down
  • Money from bank robbery hidden in sewer line
  • Inspired shift to higher quality assets

Alan’s shift to commercial properties

  • Apartments have variable costs (unpredictable)
  • Triple net lease makes commercial predictable
  • Business renting covers repairs, insurance/taxes

Alan’s shopping center deal in Boise, ID

  • Bought six storefronts for $1M
  • 50% discount (three vacancies)
  • Closed at $2.4M

Alan’s outlook on asset classes

  • Be flexible with geography, asset classes
  • Try more things = better chance of success

Alan’s advice for aspiring real estate investors

  • Put book down and get out to property
  • Join networking group or pay for mentor
  • Watch and learn by joining syndication

What Alan is excited about moving forward

  • Retail syndication
  • Education, helping others

#12: Alan Schnur


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