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About Our Investment Partners

Making the Investing Process Work for You

Alan Schnur's hands-on approach to real estate offers a unique, two-pronged investment strategy that focuses on the viability of each prospective investment and an exit or holding strategy that yields the highest return or cash flow for investors.

To induce the best possible outcomes for his investors Alan performs due diligence on every property that meets his exacting criteria. After a deal has been vetted and approved, he alerts qualified investors via an email message containing all key facts about the new investment opportunity. If interested, they can commit to investing by submitting a commitment letter for the desired capital contribution amount. Once the full equity raise has been reached, the operator receives the funds to purchase the asset and the partners receive their ownership documents. Investors will receive regular updates from Alan (often quarterly, but individual investments details may vary).

Alan specializes in securing investment partnerships where he manages the deal from the acquisition to disposition and/or long-term hold. His investment offerings present equity and debt deals in retail, office, industrial and multifamily projects. Investment opportunities are offered to accredited individuals interested in being investment partners with Alan.

Alan also provides his investors an opportunity to diversify a portion of their assets into managed real estate investments – an investment strategy which has historically demonstrated attractive returns over time through capital gains, passive income, tax shelter and long-term equity appreciation. The funds engage in the business of acquiring, improving, operating and possibly disposing of commercial properties in Alan's target markets.

Through Alan, partners access exclusive real estate opportunities. He shares his analysis and findings with each investment in his offering memorandum. This level of due diligence empowers his partners and investors with the detailed information they require to make educated, successful investment decisions.
Each deal is tailored to the real estate operator’s needs and what will provide you, as the investor, the best risk-adjusted returns.


Alan Schnur rejects over 99 percent of the opportunities he reviews -- to ensure that the investments strictly conform to the industry-leading standards.


Alan only provides opportunities with projected forced asset appreciation, regular cash distributions, and accelerated depreciation methods.

Empowering You

Working with Alan means it's all about meeting your needs and fulfilling your goals -- as he empowers you with insider access to high-quality commercial real estate opportunities.

Solid Investment Partners

  • Sophisticated or accredited investors.
  • Substantial experience with making investment decisions or have an expert that can assist them with investment decisions of this type.
  • Financial and business experience either solely or with a personal purchaser representative to protect their interests in the transaction.
  • Financial ability to bare the risk of losing their investment.
  • Sufficient financial means to provide for their current needs and have no need for liquidity in their investments.
  • Commitment to non-liquid investments is not excessive given their other available assets.

Partnership Organization

Alan Schnur will place each of his investment properties in a separate limited liability corporate entity (LLC), and will provide various equity and/or debt opportunities for each acquisition to outside investors and lenders. Every investment under consideration will be outlined and marketed in a prospectus and/or business plan that Alan will furnish to outside investors and lenders for their investment consideration.

General Managing Partners

Alan is responsible for the asset management of the investment properties, and will retain the right to make day-to- day management and operational decisions.


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